No, actually the HÄLGRIDERS are just a bunch of happy people who loves motorcycles and to meet up/party with people who loves motorcycles!

The logo/design above is my tribute to the club, not their official logo.

To explain this design I need to make a small explanation of the origin of the name HÄLGRIDERS.

Before they started the club the original members rode together to various “Bike Meetings”. A Bike Meeting is an event that a Motor Cycle Club arranges to get bikers to meet, eat, party and play. You ride your bike on the best road you can find that ends at the meeting. As soon as the bike is parked you open your beer, puts up your tent and starts the party that normally goes on from Friday to Sunday.

On these events there are usually some kind of games that you can participate in if you and your friends put a team together. This team needs of course to have a name. To have something to call themselves in these games, some clever guy came up with the name HÄLGRIDERS.

To explain the versatility of this name:

1 – Many of the MCCs that arrange/show up on these kinds of meetings have a club name that has it’s origin from a cartoon character:

Hermans Hedningar LMCK - Cartoon character: Herman Hedning

Hjulben MCK - Cartoon character: Road Runner (Hjulben)

Hobbes MC - Cartoon character: Hobbes from Cavin and hobbes (Kalle och Hobbe)

Ådis MCK - Odie from Garfield & Friend (Ådi från Katten Gustav)

One character that wasn’t taken was the famous Swedish moose Hälge Älg, so he was choosen to be the base for this team.

2 – As most of these meetings take place on weekends, it is very suitable that the Swedish word for weekend is HELG… which is pronounces exactly as HÄLG… and voila: HÄLGriders!

3 – To make the name even more bad ass the pronunciation of the name HÄLGRIDERS is not very far from the pronunciation of the more notorious name HELL RIDERS

When they had been calling themselves HÄLGRIDERS for a while they got used to the name and had thoughts of making it into a club. Even if the club would be very small and only seen in limited associations, they wanted to make sure that it was OK with the creator of the character Hälge before they started to use him in a logo.

In 2008 they got a written consent from the creator, Lars Mortimer, so this year is the official year of the establishment of the club.

If You are not familiar with the character Hälge I think You should have a look at his website (www.halge.se) or make a Google search for “Hälge”. When You have familiarized yourself with his beauty You can have a look at my tribute design again, turn it upside down, and if You look close enough You might find The Famous Moose hidden somewhere in the design…

Deep down in the dark SMÅLAND FOREST

there is a small BAD ASS Motorcycle Club

bringing HORROR & FEAR to the community

They are the HÄLGRIDERS

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